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Slip N’ Slide’s Diamond Princess is gearing up to take back her crown as the baddest female in the game.

The ‘Baddest B**ch’ was in Atlanta to make an appearance at the BET Hip-Hop awards and to promote her upcoming endeavors.

Not only does she have a new album on the way, the princess divulged to HipHopWired exlcusively that she will share her world with her fans through a reality show and give the ladies a chance to emulate her style through a clothing line.

Unbeknownst to many, Trina’s ‘Diamond Girl’ clothing was almost shelved completely following disagreements on the direction. The princess claims that designers lost sight of her vision, a line of jeans to fit “curvy, bodacious” women much like herself, forcing her to step in and call for a revision.

“It’s a beautiful line, I’ve worked with so many different designers that I wasn’t too pleased with the work, so I put a stop to it and revamped it. So now the jeans are actually to fit curvy, bodacious, beautiful women and they lost that, they lost that factor and I was like, I’m not feeling it. “

Now following the revamping, Trina feels confident that her line for “real” women will be an in-store success.

“To revamp it and start over was a beautiful thing for me. I got to be more hands on and actually go in there and say listen: I want the jeans to fit like this. I want blouses that fit like this. Everybody’s body type is not the same and I’m aware of that. I know as a woman, insecurities with your body that you don’t want like, so as a woman I wanted to make sure to make a clothing line that could represent women. So if you’re not feeling comfortable with your stomach, or your back, or your boobs, you don’t’ have to worry about it being shown if you don’t want it shown. And that’s a thing we love about clothing. So that’s kind of what I wanted to do. “

For die-hard fans of the rap royalty, they’ll have the opportunity to see an in-depth look into her life through her upcoming reality show. She promises it will showcase her life behind scenes as she preps her new girl-group, Pretty Money, and ultimately her 24-hour job as the Diamond Princess.

“It’s a personal reflection of myself and my life. You get to see a side of Trina you don’t that has never been exposed to the world. People only get to see the Trina that’s on television, the Trina that’s on the videos and the records and the interviews, but this Trina is more intimate and more personal and more private. I opened up this world into my life and what I like to do on the down side and there’s really no glam and there’s no cameras and there’s not a bunch of people following me and I’m not on stage with a bunch of fans. It’s my family, it’s my artists, you get to see a hardworking Trina, how hard I work behind the scenes…working with the artists, working with the label, the clothing line. All the things that I do daily, my 24-hour job, you get to see that.”

Following our talks about her reality TV premiere, Trina gave details on her forthcoming album, Amazin. Although she didn’t want to give away too many surprises, she did mention that the album will feature an all-star lineup of collabos as well as records ranging from pop songs to the club bangers we’ve come to know and love.

“Amazin will be in stores March 30. Lyfe Jennings is on the album, Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, some other suprises just to mention a few. It’s amazing, it’s amazing. I got different diversity records, pop records, street records, the club bangers, the s%^^^xyrecords, the overall of all Trina. That’s the most important thing to me. “

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