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To say that police brutality has been a problem would this year would be one of the most gigantic understatements of the year.

Under the guise of protecting the public, actions by officer of the law have grown increasingly gang-like, which is why no one should be surprised to learn of this next incident.

Officials within Pensacola’s Police Department are reviewing a case that saw one of their own perform a drive- by on a suspect, delivering a taser blast that could have resulted in the death of a man.

Officer Jerald Ard has been identified as the officer who’s methods have resulted in the unnecessary death of a man that was attempting to flee the scene of a crime on a bicycle early Saturday morning.

“There is not an exact prohibition from that [firing from a moving vehicle] in the policy,” said John Mathis, Pensacola PD Police Chief.  “…It [police training] does not say that you will not fire from a moving vehicle.”

Now on paid administrative leave, the four-year force veteran and his unorthodox methods under administrative review.

It is unclear as to whether the victim, whom has yet to be identified, was killed because of injuries sustained from the taser blast or of damage stemming from Officer Ard crushing him with his police cruiser.

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