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The rap game may look like the ultimate life to those peeking in through the window, but the politics and yellow tape that surrounds it makes the business more than what it comes off to be.

Known for his ability to craft that Wu Tang sound, the RZA is also known for his work in films.  Appearing in countless films, he has always had quite an interest in the Kung Fu industry.  For those that didn’t know, Wu Tang, Shaolin…yea put it all together.

Immersing himself into the Afro Samurai series, the producer created a soundtrack for the show acquiring the musical talents of Big Daddy Kane, Talib Kweli and Q-Tip.

He is currently in the process of preparing a script for a new film titled The Man With the Iron Fist alongside actor/director Eli Roth.  Roth is known for his directorial work on films such as Cabin Fever and the Hostel series.

Although no further details have been disclosed about the film, presumptions would assume that it has something to do with martial arts in some way, but it’s only an assumption.  Roth gave his own take on the film and work of the RZA.

“This movie will have everything martial arts fans could want, combined with RZA’s superb musical talent.  The project has been his dream for years, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  And fans should know that yes, there will be blood…This ain’t no PG-13.”

Somewhat wet behind the ears, the producer has been in the driver’s seat before as a director.  Although it ever came to the public eye, he once directed and starred in a film for his alter ego, Bobby Digital.  Feeling that the flick did not match up to standards, it was never released, but he has stated that he still has it.  In the past, the producer opened the doors to provide details on the work.

“I still got it.  I made it.  Actually, I did like two 45-minute episodes.  The Bobby Digital character, he’s a superhero at one point, right.  But then he’s also just this Fawking guy in the streets at another point.  I did one episode based on like, ’89.  I did one episode that was supposed to be like 10 years later.  I’ve still got a lot of faith in the character.  I’m hoping to maybe get a comic-book deal or something.”

In related news, with the announcement fro Quentin Tarantino of the third installment in the Kill Bill series, there is a possibility that RZA will have his hand in the cookie jar.  Although details have been scarce, RZA was a major part in the first two films as he produced, scored and orchestrated many scenes for the films.

It seems that rap money may stretch long, but that movie money has no bounds.

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