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Midwest residents are taking a stand and boycotting Kentucky Fried Chicken and YUM Brands for their “alleged indifference towards hard-working Americans in these troubled times.”

In other words, they’re boycotting the chicken joint for exploiting Black folks. Protestors gathered at the Chicago Football Classic with fliers promoting their cause. According to a fact sheet found at the protestors which are led by local churches believe,

KFC trades off the popularity and credibility of the most popular black woman in the world – Oprah Winfrey – to sell its chicken to African Americans, during the worst economic downturn in generations.  After the fiasco exploded, Entertainment Weekly ridiculed Oprah’s role in the promotion with this racist Photoshop image of Oprah wearing a bucket of KFC on her head.  KFC never apologized to Oprah.”


What protesters also found especially offensive were KFC commercials featuring Black people “clucking around like chickens” for their ‘finger lickin’ chicken’ and a television ad which featured “Sweet Home Alabama” playing in the background. Adding insult to injury, the fact sheet mentions that KFC’s Kentucky Grilled Chicken is not all chicken. According to the protesters it contains rendered beef fat and powder.


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