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For those that have been wondering where Pharoahe Monch has been for the past couple of years, the feeling is quite mutual.

Being quiet for almost eight years in the Hip-Hop scene, Monch made his return with the release of Desire, but it seemed to be a lackluster homecoming for the rapper.  Whether it be the fault of his label SRC or the actual material and transition in music, the rapper has decided to cut the middle man as he has decided to part ways with his label.

According to Monch, the label made an offer for him to create another album, but with the changing industry, he felt as though he would be better off to try it out on his own instead of being backed by the label.  What would be the purpose of the label if they were doing what he was fully capable of accomplishing by himself?

Although fans had to wait eight years for Desire, the next helping shouldn’t be as long as he is in works of making a new album entitled W.A.R. or We Are Renegades.  The title of the upcoming project is also the title of his emerging label.

Speaking with XXL, the rapper has added that he has many deals that have been placed in front of him as it pertains to distribution, but maintains that he wants to overall have ownership.

“We Are Renegades is the name of the label, which is also the name of the album.  And we have a plethora of distribution situations and label situations but I definitely wanna stay on the ownership side and the independent side and gain a little bit more control in this point of my career.”

Always willing to show support for their fellow underground artists, the likes of Talib Kweli, Styles P, Black Milk and others have been named to be featured on the album which is set to drop early 2010. 

Monch had his own reunion last Friday as he blessed the stage with Prince Po, they were formerly in a group Organized Konfusion.  Fans, unfortunately, can pick up their jaws as no full album has been planned between the two, but a track is in store that will feed the appetites of the masses and leave them full.

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