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Washington D.C. has been known as the nation’s Aids/HIV “epicenter” for years, but now, that may be about to change. Coming to the beleaguered territory’s rescue is award winning-actor Blair Underwood, staunch AIDS fighter and activist, whom has decided to lend his name and image to a free treatment clinic.

The opening of the AHF Blair Underwood Healthcare Center was met with great acclaim as officials from the Obama administration and several political big wigs descended upon the area.

With an infection rate of 3%, the healthcare center presents itself as a godsend to the people of D.C., which is exactly what the AIDS Healthcare Foundation counted on when they broke ground on the innovative building.

The free treatment clinic almost never saw the light of day. Complications arose when health officials from the District refused to send a representative to the foundation.

Speaking on the issue, center director Michael Weinstein revealed some of the hurdles that were leaped to see that much needed community resource would happen.

“[Health officials] told us we were not needed,” said Weinstein to press. “They would not allow us to participate in its ADAP (federal AIDS Drug Assistance Program) program.”

Currently the District of Columbia has a higher HIV/AIDS infection rate than Lagos, Nigeria.

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