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A seat in the halls of government can grant one seemingly limitless power, at least that’s what used to be.

The politicians of the 21st century know no honor, making them some of the most reviled, disdained, and outright hated, people in the nation. After being involved in countless sex scandals and bribery schemes, no one is shocked when their given civil servant informs his or her constituency of their natural dimwittedness.

Senator Hiram Monserrate partakes in the same numbskull antics as his peers. His vicious demeanor garnered him the reputation of being a “hardliner” in his home state of New York.

That same vicious nature has landed the senator in serious legal trouble, as he now faces trial for the unconscionable assault on long time girlfriend, Karla Giraldo.

Purportedly angry because Giraldo was in possession of another man’s cell phone and union card, prosecutors claim Monserrate savagely pummeled his girlfriend, slicing her lovely face with a shard of glass for good measure. Giraldo has attested to the claims.

According to hospital records, the laceration required 20 stitches around her eye.

Monserrate has formally entered a plea of not guilty in a befuddling move that will ensure that the senator will receive no leniency.

If found guilty of assault, Monserrate will lose his senate seat as well as serve a stiff prison sentence.

Here is a video of Senator Hiram Monserrate assaulting Karla Giraldo.

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