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“I’m not alright, but I’m aight.”

News is still setting in for some as it is taking time for people to absorb and acknowledge the fact that Anthony Williams, musically known as DJ Roc Raida, is no longer here. Friday, September 19 was the last day that fans and friends would be able to have contact with Williams before an his unexpected passing.

As this touring DJ for the last year, rapper Busta Rhymes broke the news of his friend’s passing via Twitter. Catching up with DJ Green Lantern on Invasion Radio, Busta was able to reflect on his lost comrade.

“I don’t even wanna do any injustice to his legacy by trying to say things that won’t even mount up to the magnitude of what his legacy really is. I can sit here and say that he was one of the most incredible DJs in the world. I can do that all day. I can say that he was one of the most incredible human beings because of his humility, his humbleness, his morals and his principles, but it really doesn’t hold the same significance as it does when people actually get the opportunity to sit down and experience what I experienced.”

Just as his experience with J Dilla, the rapper felt as though the only way to fully appreciate the history of Raida is to truly do research and dig through crates to see the work that he has put in. With Dilla passing, people were able to come more in tune with his musical gift and now Raida will hopefully be able to shine the way he should have when he was alive.

“I didn’t get a chance to exploit what we were able to do and what we were getting ready to do because we had so many plans to do so many things. I don’t think people really had any idea of the experience of a live Busta Rhymes show was about to be having such a significant contribution from Roc Raida.”

The rapper also adds that enough footage was taped in order to continue his legacy and school folks on who he was and what he could do.

Nothing in life is ever promised but death, so it is essential to appreciate and take advantage of every moment and every breath every person has on Earth. Long live Grandmaster Roc Raida, you will never be forgotten.

Here is some info on the memorial service that will be held for Raida tomorrow:

Thursday September 24th

MT Nebo Baptist Church

1883 Adam Clayton Powell JR Blvd (7th Avenue) & 114th St.

Harlem New York

10am – 12:30 – viewing

12:30- 3pm – service

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