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Officer Thomas Strain was looking for nothing more than a change in appearance when he decided to get his hair braided into rows, but instead, he found controversy.

Police administrators in Philadelphia have been working to keep their “house” in order as this summer has been one of strife and turmoil with things looking to get worse before better. In the case of Officer Strain, who has found himself at the forefront of a case that pundits cite as being “reverse-racist” in nature, the issues may yet to have fully surfaced.

Officer Strain was taken off of his normal patrol route and forced to work behind desk duty for the duration of this month due not in part to terrible performance of his job, but rather, because of a personal decision that he made.

Officer Strain decided to style his hair in cornrows, a move that violates department standards.  According to Strain and reports from other officers, “dozens” of Philadelphia PD’s Black Members were allowed to wear the hairstyle.

Lieutenant Frank Vanore, Police spokesman, says Strain’s boss told him to cut his hair to achieve a more “professional” look; he did.

Speaking on the “dozens” of Black officers donning cornrows, Vanore only recalled one such case since in the years he had been on the force. That officer was also told to get a haircut.

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