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40-Year-old double leg amputee, Greg Williams, found himself an unwitting victim of police brutality, as the wheelchair bound man shockingly became a victim of police brutality.

Merced County Police Department of Merced County California has tasked their Internal Affairs Division with investigating the incident which saw two police officers, both white, taze the wheelchair-bound man.

Williams, who was recently released from jail, adamantly maintains that he was never aggressive toward the either of the arresting officers and that he did not resist arrest. Naturally the “official” account of things differs greatly from the story that Mr. Williams has given.

A police report from Merced P.D. reads that John Pinnegar and Sergeant Rodney Court attempted to reason with Williams before any action was taken. After subduing the 40-year-old man, both officers noted that Williams was uncooperative to their demands, also noting that he outright refused to relinquish his two year old daughter to Merced County Child Protective Services.

The most painful moments in the ordeal may have come after the actual pain subsided. Williams was allegedly left outside, handcuffed on the pavement, nude from the waist down. A video clip taken by a neighbor verifies his claims. He also maintains that his shoulder was injured in the arrest limiting mobility in his wheelchair.

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