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It is no secret that President of Iran has long denied the validity of the Holocaust. Despite photos, video footage and personal accounts of concentration and death camps, Mahamoud Ahmadinejad is proud that the West and Israeli Jews are outraged at his position.

In a report by IRNA released Monday, Ahmadinejad was quoted labeling Israelis as “professional man slayers” and angering and upsetting them and Jewish communities in the West is a source of “pride for us.”

He made similar statements just last week questions whether the Holocaust was a “real event,” and went on to insinuate it was a conspiracy to create the Israeli nation. His comments grew a firestorm of criticism and condemnation from the West, reports the New York Daily News.

While the Holocaust is recognized here in the U.S. as a mass genocide of European Jews, the Iranian president continues to question the legitimacy of WWII events with what seems to be clear intentions to upset a certain group of people. The Jews.

Black folks have been catching hell since their involuntarily arrival, and still struggle to get ahead while Jewish communities do quite fine for themselves and continue to thrive. So this is political entertainment for many. Hey, somebody has to be that guy … lol :).

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